Workshops Paris Rollers Marathon – Rollerblade


Sunday May 20th 2018 and saturday June 16th 2018

The Paris Rollers Marathon’s organization propose you to participate to the workshops for beginners and more confirmed roller skaters that will take place in May and June 2018.

We will have 2 groups with different levels, ran by certified teachers. They will allow you to prepare for you PARIS ROLLERS MARATHON the best you can.

These workshops are opened only for people registered for the PARIS ROLLERS MARATHON on September 16th 2018 (the confirmation email of your subscription will be asked).

Reduce price: 20 euros for a day (for support clubs and certified teachers supervising)

Each participant will get home with a video allowing you to watch and analyse your practice, and many advice given by professionals licensed roller skaters teachers.

ROLLERBLADE will lend you and allow you to try the rollers last generation.

(If it rains, the workshops will be maintained in a sheltered place)


More infos and registration with Caroline on

Preparation to the 2018 marathon with our coaches

PLACE : Paris.

Team 1 beginners « It’s my first marathon » :

Objectives :

  • Know the professional roller skaters’ tips to do well for you first Paris Rollers Marathon
  • Get better in technics to get more efficient
  • Have fun with my friends during this workshop
  • Get back home with the good advice to get ready for it

Plan a picnic.

9.30am – welcoming (tea, coffee, bread) and I get ready

10am – warm up

10.15am – agility course to improve some points

10.45am – session 1 : have a good push like professional roller skaters

11.30am – 15′ break

11.45am – session 2 : anticipate falls and obstacles

12.30pm – lunch break

1.30pm – warm up

1.45pm – session 3 : skate in pack

2.30pm – 15′ break

3pm – session 4 : take a good start

3.45pm – 15′ break and I take off my roller-skates

4pm – session 5without roller skates: how to prepare until d-day !

5pm : end of the workshop.


Team 2 advanced « Improve my time » :


Objectives :

  • know the professional roller skaters tips to do good at my second Paris Roller Marathon
  • Improve my technics
  • Have fun with my friends during the workshop.
  • Get home with good advice to improve my time

Bring some tennis shoes and a picnic
9.30am – welcoming (tea, coffee, bread) and I get ready
10am – warm up
10.15am – session 1 : work on position and push
11am – session 2 : skate in pack, know where to place myself and defend that place
11.45am : 15′ break

12pm – session 3 : know my speed and find the good wheels

12.30pm – lunch break on the docks
1.30pm : warm up on foot and proprioception specific to roller skates made for speed
2.15pm : session 4 : take a good start
3pm – 15′ break
3.15pm : session 5 : attack, temporise and counter at the right time
4pm – session 6 without roller skates : how to prepare until d-day ! With the second group. Talks about training before the race.

5pm : end of the internship.