Rollerblade – https://www.rollerblade.com/

Rollerblade® is the world leader of the inline roller skating, the brand made the whole world discover the inline et keep going with one goal: giving you authentic products with high quality service.

ASKOLL – www.askollelectric.com

Actor of sustainable mobility, AKOLL gives you the opportunity to move in an ecologic way thanks to electric bikes and scooters.  Discover how ASKOLL can improve the quality of life for each person and for companies.



GLISSE URBAINE – www.glisseurbaine.com

Number 1 in electric urban transportation, GLISSE URBAINE is a parisian store next to the Louvres. These sliding experts will guide you to find le product that suits you the best among their overboards, e-scooters, e-bikes.




OXELO – www.oxelo.fr

OXELO; scooters, rollerskates and skateboard brand from the store Décathlon will make you discover urban sliging sports, and soft mobility with new and accessible products. Their goal ? Combine sport and fun during your everyday transportation.




AC-EMOTION – www.ac-emotion.com

AC-EMOTION is specialised in electric bikes and electric scooters. They are available for you with their 4 stores in Paris and an online shop. Their large variety of products will allow you to find which one suits you the best either it is for leisure, sports or your eveyday transportation.



MAA BIKES – www.maabikes.com

MAA BIKES gives you the opportunity to replace the car by the electric bike (The Fat Bike), which is perfect to go in town, on the beach or into the forest ! Their many different kinds of bikes combine pleasure, fun, comfort, security on all grounds.


COUP SCOOTER – www.joincoup.com

Faster than a taxi and way less expensive than a VTC, COUP SCOOTER gives you a shared mobility solution thanks to their electric scooters available in self-service without any subsciption or limited time. With the app, book the Coup the closest to you and combine rapidity and liberty.



STREETSTEPPER – www.streetstepper.fr

Hybride, between the stepper and the bike, STREETSTEPPER is a new way to move that can be used for going around enjoying, for trainning or for reeducation. You use it the same way as a bike, you will use it everytime you move and it will limit shocks and traumas.




CITYSCOOT – www.cityscoot.eu

Book your electric scooter thanks to the app CITYSCOOT and enjoy liberty of riding as long as you want, with no pollution and no noise ! They have 1650 electric scooters in Paris right now and should have 3400 bikes for the end of 2018.



HAWAIISURF – https://www.hawaiisurf.com/

The shop of sliding sports of Paris since 1976 ! Skateboard, snowboard, ski, surf, bodyboard, roller-derby and streetwear-sneakers ! ALe shop des sports de glisse de la région parisienne, à Ivry-sur-Seine depuis 1976 ! Skateboard, Snowboard, Ski, Surf, Bodyboard, Roller-Derby & Streetwear-Sneakers !



ORIBIKY – http://www.oribiky.com/

 Soon in Paris, ORIBIKY is a new brand specialised in sharing bikes with electric assistance. Made in France, these 400 first “blue-white-red” will be available on October 1st.

OFO – https://www.ofo.com/fr/fr

First mondial platform of shared and self service bikes, OFO propse a service with an mobile app. You can directly ask for your bike on the app. This easy solution allows the lower the car traffic, it is a good solution for ecology and offers a better way of life.

LIME – https://www.li.me/fr/

Lime gives you solutions to moving problems to allow people to move in their city in an economic and practical way, without producing any pollution. Their mission consists in giving news opportunities to the furtur generations to changes their way of living and moving so we can save our planet !


CADOMOTUS – https://www.facebook.com/CadomotusFrance/

Cádomotus, helmets and sports bags specialist for rollerskating and biking.

Powerslide – https://www.powerslide.com

Powerslide gives you quality products for all types of rollers skating like fitness skating, agressive inline, powerskating, urban skating, hockey, skateboarding and so many others ! You’ll find what you’re looking for !

Ligne Droite – https://www.ligne-droite-roller.com/


You will find at Ligne Droite all the appropriate equipement for all type of rollers skating, either you participate to the 6h, 12h or 24h. LD is the engagement for good advice et good quality material !


Moburbaine – www.moburbaine.fr

MobUrbaine is a seller specialized in electric scooters, and urban mobility accessories. During this event, you’ll be able to try the scooters and we will have very interesting prices. There also will be security et visibility accessories.


Some other race will be there as Dijon Marathon and 24H rollers



This year le Petit Comtoir will be there with it’s foodtrucks ! You’ll have many choices:

-Meal burger/ pastas

-Healthy meal with a sandwich, salad and poke bowl

  • Sweet foodtruck with icecream, crepes, drinks !